Downtown Fullerton Villa del Sol Wedding | Vanessa + Ehren

Loved this wedding for so many reasons. The venue took place in my hometown of Fullerton at the Villa del Sol, outdoor wedding from ceremony to reception, lovely details, small and intimate, plus my friend Priscilla had referred me and she was the maid of honor. Most importantly, Vanessa and Ehren are super amazing!

I’m truly a believer that you attract what you are. And since I think so highly of Priscilla, I knew that her best friend Vanessa would be super nice and amazing, but seriously… now I know why these two gals are best friends. Two of the nicest people, ever! Bonus, Ehren as the groom took care of the timeline and it was on a super fabulous, detailed spreadsheet. Say what?

Too beautiful for words, so take a look for yourself at how their big day turned out.

First look, love his expression.

Vanessa and Ehren, can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.