Guest Post: Splurge on Experiences, Not Stuff!

I am so excited to be a guest on Crafty Fanny’s blog today, so head on over and give me some love here!

When she asked if I wanted to write up a guest post while she was out on vacation to Belize (Let’s pretend I am not jealous!) I knew exactly what to write about: travel, duh. This is one topic that I am really passionate about. Over the years I have come to realize that experiences really are more important than stuff. I feel as though these experiences enrich me and make me a better person; I am able to see the world through new eyes. Meet new friends that I otherwise would not and spend true quality time with my love, Kris.

These days I realize it is harder and harder in this economy to plan vacations and travel, but sometimes it’s just about scaling down somewhere else as I have learned. It used to be important to constantly be hitting the shops for that top I “needed”, getting that venti latte every morning, or those extra cocktails with the girls (don’t judge) along with eating out, like I had no kitchen. And then I realized that giving up these things was possible and worth it for this bigger experience of travel. There’s nothing wrong with shopping, it’s just that for me it was mostly  just a filler for working in places that made me unhappy. Do I still shop? Of course, in low doses… it’s just not top priority. When I realized that I could indeed budget for more travel by scaling down the shopping, it was a no brainer. Everyone has their own version of this type of experience, mine just happens to be travel. We’ve also indulged in a staycation in the past when it was impossible to getaway, check it out here. However you chose to spend your money, I hope you experience true happiness and that I’ve inspired you to book that next trip or work towards your goal for that next wonderful experience, your way.

Costa Rica, 2009

Currently I am awaiting a few things to pass, but as soon as they do, we’ll start the saving and planning. Kris and I are ready for our next trip. We can’t decide on where to go since we have about 5 places we are dying to go, one of them being Belize, so look forward to hearing a full report from Tiffany AKA Crafty Fanny on her trip.  😉