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As you all know I’ve been attending workshops to build on my business and creativity with my photography style. From just about every aspiring and professional photographer that I have spoken to or have heard speak at one of these workshops have recommended these books. I thought I’d share for many of you starting or needing some good creative or business read.

I am loving this one, The Lovemarks Effect … it’s one of those books that you just nod in agreement, but still walk away with a new perspective or gets you going in a different direction.

And then there’s The Artist’s Way, I kept hearing a lot of buzz about this book and so I previewed it at Barne’s & Noble I just had to invest. I highly recommend this book if you’re looking for that extra creative juice and need a kicker. I love that it’s small steps or little changes and therefore it doesn’t feel like it’s overwhelming or a chore. Truly inspiring. Plus, it’s forcing me to take at least an hour to just focus on me and what I love doing in terms of photography, instead of just handling the business end of things, just what I needed.

Working on a blog it forward post that a blog friend started and can’t wait to see it unravel. The inspiration that she drew from was from sfgirl’s blog it forward mashup found here. I have a maternity shoot this weekend so I am asking that mother nature please cooperate and bring me no gloom or rain, please? Going to enjoy a day off today to prepare for the weeks ahead, I have a few projects in the works with a few other photogs and need to process it all and see how I can best contribute. It will be me, my notebook and a lot of writing. Then maybe some play time in LA with a friend or two. 😉

What are you currently reading and loving?

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April 27, 2010 - 2:30 pm

Amarettogirl The second book I’ve known about for a while, but the first is something I really want to read now – so I will look it up now! Thank you for the recs.