This Week

Trying to wrap up the year with some personal projects at home. Some of these have been postponed from awhile back mostly because it required forking up money, but I recently won a photo book through Shutter Sisters, it’s by Memolio (thank you and thank you) so there’s no excuse now for that project. I am backed up for at least a year on printing photos, backing up photos and the list goes on. Any photographers have any good system you keep for staying organized on your personal photo collections? I am always good about my business stuff, but somehow my personal collection gets neglected.

I’m also working on the hundreds of photos from the wedding I just shot this last weekend, here is a teaser. They were just shining that day and Heidi is such a ham, she was the perfect bride to photograph.


I’ll be back soon with some more from this wedding.

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December 1, 2009 - 5:45 pm

Trude BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS. Before mine died I used the Backup program (that comes loaded on the iMac, so I know you have it!) and had it set to once a week, whatever day and time works for you, and my EHD is always plugged in so I just set it to that. Then I would back up to DVDs about every 6 months or so (definitely plan on doing that more often when I get the new one). You’ll thank me later. :) And you could start a system where you immediately back every job up once you have all your final images done. Do that Kevin Kubota Lightroom tutorial I lent you! It even shows how he organizes jobs.

P.S. That shot is awesome. She looks gorg!
P.P.S. I won a Memolio too! :)