Monthly Archives: October 2009

Winner + Etsy Giveaway

Thank you to all my supporters, I have received many emails and calls with kind wishes, plus an awesome post dedicated to me by my sweet friend Trude. I am so blessed! I love October, I’ve been cooking away soups and fall salads and enjoying the hot, then cold, then hot fall, only in California. […]

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It feels great to formally announce the launch of my photography business, it’s been a year in the making and I never would have imagined it being this rewarding. There are still things to learn, but that will always be the case and especially when it comes to the whole business aspect… keeping up with the […]

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Mamalita Session – Socorro

One of my best friends of over 24 years (yes, we’ve been friends since 1st grade!) asked to be photographed and I went nuts!  We chose downtown Fullerton for the location because of the convenience and great architecture, plus we both grew up and went to school there so it was extra special. It’s a beautiful […]

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